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Additionally, I believe the Kadee Andrews truck represents a T- or L-section truck while the Tahoe and Accurail models reflect U-section designs.


I prefer the T- or L-section Andrews trucks under m 36-foot box cars, based upon prototype images. I just wish Kadee would produce their truck in te newer HGC compound as I find the sprung truck appearance to be annoying.


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      One important Andrews spotting feature is the tie bars which hold the bottom of the journal boxes. The USRA version, often modeled, has two short tie bars extending horizontally on either side of the spring package opening in the sideframe. An earlier Andrews design used a single, long tie bar that ran beneath the bottom of the sideframe and connected to the journal boxes on either side. This is the design modeled by the Kadee Andrews truck, their number 509. I am aware of the latter mostly because the Andrews trucks used by SP were predominantly of the long-tie-bar type.

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