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Eric Hansmann



Thanks for your comments on the 36-foot box car data file. I spent most of today operating my Wheeling Freight Terminal with some friends so it’s been a nice surprise to read this and several other comments on the group. Thanks especially for the extra data on the S&A and F&N cars.


Ray has a good jump on the next installment, but it may hit the blog in April as a busy month is looming.


Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX




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First of all what a great thing to be doing for the rest of us. Thank you Ray and Eric!!!!!!!!


Just couple of comments to set the historical record straight that Ray can probably edit into what he created. 


The S&A nominal 40-ft cars are ex-FEC ventilated boxcars. I did my model 20+ years ago using Westerfield ends and u/f from his FEC vent kit w/scratch-built roof, doors and sides. I think F&C now has a kit.


The F&N car mentioned towards the end of Ray's article is an ex-L&N vent.


Wouldn't it be great if Dennis could post some photos of their progress w/these kits so far just to wet our appetites?!


Bill Welch

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