Re: Trucks [Was: 36-foot box car data files]

Eric Hansmann

I sent Sam a round of Taza Mexican dark chocolate late last year as thanks for his assistance on another project. I can send more to sway him into upgrading the early Kadee trucks.



Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX




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I, like Tony, am desperate for the solid Andrews, Vulcan and T Section Bettendorf trucks from Kadee.


Any one have any influence with Sam Clark?


Bill Pardie


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Dave Parker wrote:
"If, like me, one doesn't care much for sprung trucks, this diversity can be challenging, especially outside of the arch-bars."

[sarcasm]But sprung trucks are soooo realistic, like those neat opening boxcar doors with the claws on them![/sarcasm]

Ben Hom


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