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Andy Carlson

Excuse me, I meant early and mid-FIFTIES.
-Andy Carlson

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Hello, everyone-
I have tried many times to convince Brian Leppert to make the Chrysler truck. I thought a good selling point was that this was the most commonly applied truck to the Evans lease RB box cars from both the early and mid-seventies (Branchline cars really need a Chrysler truck).

Pragmatism won out, and I don't think this truck was ever even remotely considered by Brian. To me, I thought that the splayed spring area of a Dalman 2-level truck seemed like a good start for a kitbash, as the Chryslers shared this shape somewhat with the Dalmans.

If I had seen those castings for the Chrysler shock absorber/spring pack at the Cocoa Beach show, I would have purchased some, as they look excellent and are really useful.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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     Speaking of trucks, I just completed a new blog post, describing a way to make the Chrysler FR5-D trucks in HO scale, with a superb casting by Ross Dando. If you're interested, here is a link to that blog post:

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