Railroad paint subsitutes?

Fred Jansz

Hi folks,

Since I'm living 'over the pond' in Europe I have a paint issue.
TruColor and Scalecoat won't ship to The Netherlands because solvent based paints are considered 'hazardous goods' bad people make bombs from.... (how low do we have to bow?).

As a consequence these fine pre-mixed faithful railroad colors are out of my reach.
I have a bunch of kits waiting to be build and painted, but when I can't paint them in the right RR brown or red or oxide colors, what's the point of building a craftsman kit at all?

So the Q is: is there a way to 'convert' TruColor or Scalecoat RR colors to let's say Vallejo (which is a popular modeling paint overhere) or other brand?
Vallejo offers weathering colors like sand, dust, mud, rust, etc. But not the specific US RR colors.
Any tips?

Thanks for your help, best regards, Fred Jansz

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