Re: Railroad paint subsitutes?

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The post offices and the courier companies will not pay the drivers for the added level of training

    Europe is small, it's not like going from the east to the west here.  Why not just drive to where you can get a case of various colors?

Not sure you were directing your comment to original poster or Pierre, but Pierre is in Canada and was commenting on correct cause for the problem, not a suggested solution.

I think there are enough European modelers of American roads that some kind of package deal might be a solution.  There are plenty of workarounds to the problem. Another is to use U.S. water based acrylics with railroad colors like Badger Modelflex, which do not have delivery restrictions. Another is what our friend Eric Hansmann has done--create color swatches of Vallejo paints using various colors and mixtures compared against photos and keep notes (see his blog ). 


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