Cast resin HO Type 30 tanks available again

Tom Madden

I have a couple dozen cast resin HO Type 30 tank shell sets (upper & lower) available, photo here:

These can be replacements for the injection molded tanks included in the Sunshine Type 30 kits, or the basis for a Tangent Type 30 kitbash as featured in a recent blog post by Frank Hodina:

GATX Type 30 tank car project


Frank did the pattern, and if you've ever tried to rework the Intermountain tank included in the Sunshine kit you know what a massive amount of work this replacement tank will save. New, larger dome and saddle, tank bands removed and missing tank-top rivets replaced, holes spotted for handrail posts...

These are $12 each plus a flat $4 for shipping regardless of quantity. Contact me OFF LIST (that would be OFF LIST!!!) at pullmanboss (at) yahoo (dod) com.


Tom Madden

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