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Tim O'Connor


Charge $15.95 for it :-) I'm sure folks in this crowd would
be happy to pay for an accurate Chrysler truck!

At 2/26/2016 02:19 PM Friday, you wrote:

Hello group,
We're paying attention to these truck comments so don't loose hope. Presently, new trucks are an "as time allows" project but hopefully we'll get around to doing more trucks in our HGC material.  However, the Chrysler truck is questionable. We looked at doing this truck but the protruding shock absorber is problematic with simple mold making. To make it look right it would require a complicated slide to do the detail behind the top of the shock absorber or a separate snap in (or glued in) part and this would certainly add to the cost of the truck. If you plan ahead with enough foresight, truck molds are made with inserts that can be changed out for the different sideframes but with the extended shock absorber a new mold or at least a new additional mold for the separate piece will have to be made.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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