Re: Trucks

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor wrote:


Charge $15.95 for it :-) I'm sure folks in this crowd would
be happy to pay for an accurate Chrysler truck!

        Gee, Tim, at least SOME of us are far hungrier for HGC  Vulcans and Andrews trucks first. The Chrysler truck wasn't used all that widely, and besides, we now have a way to model them with the Dando castings. I did go through Richard Hendrickson's solution for any kind of "real sprung" trucks, to remove the springs, add a small square of styrene to hold the bolster in location, then harvest some cast springs from another "rigid" truck to glue into the hole in the sideframe. Not especially eager to do all that again, though I have to say, it does work and does look FAR better.

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