Re: Trucks

Tim O'Connor

Dear Tony

ah well, my indifference extends to Andrews variations as well. :-)

I have a couple pairs of the metal Kadee Andrews trucks. since MofW
equipment is just scenery, they don't need to be good rollers, so the
metal ones work for me. ;-)

well, you know, to each his own... :-) I was very happy with the Tahoe Andrews
truck, and for some cars I'm fine with Accurail's nicely done Andrews. Vulcans
are way cool, but too early for me. No interest.
     I am more than happy with the Tahoe USRA Andrews truck, and as you say, the Accurail version is good too. The Kadee is a DIFFERENT truck, and some may say, "who cares," but the answer is, SP fans. The SP used the long-tie-bar style on a bunch of cars, including work equipment quite late. So they are NOT interchangeable, Tim, despite what you apparently think.

Tony Thompson 

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