Re: Northern Pacific gondola pics please

Todd Sullivan

Hi Steve,

You could start with a copy of Morning Sun's NP Color Guide book, since there are 12 color photos of NP gondolas in it.  You might also look on the NP society's pages to see if there are any back issues of their magazine that have articles on gondolas, or ask members if tehy know of any articles.  Depending on the era you are modeling, you might look at the Westerfield site for CDs of Official Railway Equipment Registers (ORERs) for your years of interest.  Each of those editions of this railway industry publication listed the entire roster of NP freight cars as of the date of publication, all the number series, the exceptions (cars in the series with special equipment or different dimensions or capacities), along with the overall dimensions of cars in each series.  After that, it's a hunt for photos of cars in specific series that interest you, and that's best done through the vendors of B&W and color prints.  Since that's sort of a different topic, so I'll let others guide you there.

Todd Sullivan
Liverpool, NY

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