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hubert mask

I offer the chad boas flat car that gives you three options of decals to purchase for the Southern railway.  One of which is black as delivered

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Hubert Mask. 

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Chad Boaz has several prototype flat cars as resin kits with a wood deck. Jerry Hamsmith offers the CB&Q FM-14 flat car with wood floor as resin kits. You can also find several kits from Furaro and Camerlingo, but I don’t know if they have wood floors.

Nelson Moyer

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I want to build a flat car with a load of steel plates on it. I have everything but the car. What I want is an approximately 40' car with a real wood deck; something suitable for 1945 - 1949 period. Is there such a model available? It can have K or AB brakes, but no truss rods and no arch bar trucks. It also needs to be a legitimate prototype that I can find photos of to do detailing.
Demetre Argiro
Grayson, GA.

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