Re: Warren tanks

Tom Madden

Tim asked:
> Tom, do you think you'll ever re-run the 8k insulated tank car body you
> did for the Sunshine #36.7 Warren ACF tank cars?

No need - Resin Car Works will have that plus several other 8K and 10K insulated tanks out later this year. (If all goes according to plan.) Two different tanks, five different domes. Frank put an update about these cars in his blog late last year, see the bottom of this page:
Resin Car Works kit update


The one I offered was a compromise, being based on the Athearn chemical tank body - too big for an 8K, too small for a 10K. I've seen photos of completed models that used those shells and the Warren, particularly, is a most attractive car. But if you're going to do a full-bore commercial offering, it might as well be correct. So in my role (at least on the freight car side of the hobby) as technologist and Purveyor of Tank Car Castings, I designed and had 3D printed (in house, stereolithography, hi-res Viper, parts standing on end) correct shells and domes. Those were sent to Frank for addition of details, and once I get them back they'll go into production. In the meantime, support our small specialty manufacturers like Frank, Pierre, Ted and Jon so they can continue to offer their neat kits.

Tom Madden

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