Re: GATC Lightweight Box Cars

Allan Smith

There are two photos in the 1940 CBC on pages 351-361. They show both sides of the car There doesn't seem to be a special paint scheme, it appears to be a light BCR color, the tack boards and the trucks and underframe  are painted black, so there is a contrast color line. The lettering apears to be white. The same photo is on page 119 of Santa Fe Boxcars 1869-1953.

Al Smith
Sonora CA

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      I don't know the color, but have seen a B&W print of GABX 1940, which was a dark color with white lettering.

Yes, I have that photo, and I’ve also seen the car in trade-publication ads.

It’s hard to say if the cars were mineral brown as was common during the late 1930s with white stencils or if GATC decided to use a "more-spiffy” scheme, especially since they displayed GABX 1940 at the 1939 N.Y World’s Fair. 
Ed Hawkins

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