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Also, please keep in mind that riveted steel plating is watertight because as the rivets cool they strongly clamp the steel plating together. Riveted ships float. Riveted tanks do not leak. 


Riveted boilers, too... but only if they are caulked. Now, this sense of the word doesn't mean sticky elastomer, but rather spreading the edge of the sheet with a blunt chisel like tool to force the corner tightly against the adjacent sheet. But sheets the thickness of those used for car construction are too thin to be caulked in this fashion, and so have to rely on something flexible introduced in the joint as it's made up, in this case car cement. Note the material squeezed out from behind the edge of the plate in the seal below the man's foot in this photo I linked earlier (which Wahoo now won't let me link again :-(

One can always do additional calking later in the life of a ship, tank, or boiler, but lap seam car roofs don't provide an easy way to tighten the seams, so to speak.

Dennis Storzek

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