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Greg Martin

Schuyler writes:

I think this has been established but . . . Greg, you wrote:

"and the cars were delivered in freight car red"

But they were painted black later on, right?  Has anybody established WHEN that color change happened??  And, if/when they were painted black, did the lettering remain the same, or was it changed?



I can only convey the time that Richard Hendrickson had given me and that was about 954 if my memory serves me. John Greedy might have that answer.


Now some news from Jim Singer regarding the DT&I decals (remember this set does two different era DT&I cars and includes the GM&O car as well) and as well as some other decals that haven't been run in some time.

I need to know via OFF LINE EMAIL a concise number of DT&I set that are actually need and sorry I didn't keep track earlier.

 Here the sets he is considering rerunning and I would like to get a good number for Jim and remember these set are going to run between 10 and twelve dollars each:

  • DT&I/GMO gondola set 
  • KCS 40-foot Rebuilt Boxcar set (the revision may have been a two car set?? I will have to check)
  • PRR X45 decal set Ball/Circle Keystone and Billboard Lettering/Shadow Keystone set   

Please again REPLY OFFLINE tgregmrtn@...


Greg Martin


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