HO '45-'46 Santa Fe Bx 44-box car Enhanced kits

Andy Carlson

Hello everyone-
The Santa Fe had many AAR 40' box cars in many different series. Features were changed with the passage of time as new products replaced older designs. In researching the special ATSF Bx-44 class of boxcars, both Charles Slater and Tim O'Connor were very helpful. Much of the info came from Richard Hendrickson's compilation of various sources, including the Santa Fe freight car folios.

I am offering enhanced kits for the Santa Fe's Bx-44 series of cars, built after the war. The new 4/4 Improved Dreadnaught end and metal running boards were typical for many cars built during this post-war era. Most noticeable about this Santa Fe class was their use of the unique post-war Youngstown Interim improved 5/6/5 steel doors. These doors were nearly identical to the SP's Interim improved Youngstown 5/5/5 doors (the 'Overnight" doors) but with one big difference--the panel count was one more than the Overnight door, as the SP door covered a less-tall door opening for the SP's 10'0" IH box cars. Dan Hall of South West Scale Productions has tooled up both versions of the Youngstown Interim improved doors and this Bx-44 enhanced kit will use the Santa Fe Interim improved 5/6/5 door.

From Richard Hendrickson and Charles Slater:

   Roofs were black and so were the running boards, since they were steel.
   Running board applications were:

      138700-138824 MORTON
      138825-138949 GYPSUM
      138950-139199 APEX

   Air brake reservoirs were mounted transversely and the cars were equipped
   with Royal F brake regulators, which were quite visible in profile under
   the car.

   series 138700-139199 blt 1945-1946 MT VERNON, slogan assignments:

       138700-138799 - Grand Canyon
       138800-138899 - Scout
       138900-138999 - El Capitan
       139000-139099 - Super Chief
       139100-139199 - Chief
The last 250 Bx-44 cars uses all of the components of this enhanced kit. The El Capitan; Super Chief; Chief, slogans are the only usable ones with this kit's combination of parts. To do Grand Canyon and Scout would require different running boards.

From Tim O'Connor, Becky's brother.
A photo of 139145 shows an AJAX brake wheel, confirmed by the ATSF folio which indicates all of the Bx-44 cars were Ajax equipped.

I offer the Bx-44 enhanced kit with the following components:
1 Intermountain 40899 modified AR 10'6" IH box car w/ 6' door opening
1 ea. IMRC and Terry Wegmann Ajax power brake and wheel
1 Red Caboose raised rectangular panel roof

1 pair of IMRC 4/4 improved Dreadnaught ends
1 pair of South West Scale Bx-44 5/6/5 interim improved Youngstown doors
1 Details west AB brake set
1 IMRC Apex Tri-Lock etched metal running board

Each enhanced kit is offered for $33 each; shipping to US addresses included.
I accept checks and money orders. With a small fee I also accept PayPal. If interested, contact me off-list (Please) at

I have three builders photo scans of these cars provided by Charles Slater which I can forward to anyone who would like to look at a  Bx-44. Simply request the photos from my personal email address (see above).

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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