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Barry Bennett

I am working on one of the Speedwitch cars at the moment. I am going with a rich oxide red colour (actually Triumph Russet Brown) and am going to use decals from FECRS. There is also a dry transfer set available from Clover House. The only photo I know of, and which is included by Ted in the kit, has the tone of ROR paint, and 5 years of grime should sort out any nit pickers.

I think it is well established that different ships were depicted on various iterations of boxcars depending on what was in service at the time the cars were built/obtained. There is a lot of previous posts on here, including the ex-HPT&D (not X29) cars, which you can't model as there is no roof available.

Barry Bennett
Coventry, England.

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Trying to do a few West India Fruit boxcars.  Does anyone know the paint color of the early car(looks like a Pennsy X-29) with the round logo?  Also a second car (Like Speedwitch ex Erie cars) with the steamship logo. This logo has ha straight bow on the ship.  Apparently they changed to a more modern slanted bow in the mid 1950's but I don't know for sure.  Also the cars were painted green at least one in 1957.  Can anyone shed light on these WIF car colors and lettering schemes.

Thanking all in advance for help

Fenton Wells

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