Re: spiral gondola ends (was Monon gondola spiral ends)

Tim O'Connor

These ends are not only good for the Monon. The Soo Line had composite
gondolas with these ends (e.g. SOO #64341) as well.

Tim O'Connor


Paul is correct that the Shops was the name of Chad's Monon model business.  As a Monon modeler myself, I benefited a great deal from his creativity and I have too many of his kits to count.  Chad did offer the spiral ends to retrofit the Intermountain USRA gon.  I have a few pairs, but the part was rather thick as a resin casting.  After seeing Jack Burgess's clinic at Naperville last year, I was inspired to 3D model the ends and have Shapeways print them.  You can see them here if you want a set:

Monon Spiral Gondola End by MononInMonon on Shapeways

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