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There is a color photo of WIF 314 on page 43 of John Henderson's CLASSIC FREIGHT CARS, volume 1. It is nice brick red. There is no date in the cutline, but it probably is from the late 1950s. The source is Bob's Photos.

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Trying to do a few West India Fruit boxcars.  Does anyone know the paint color of the early car(looks like a Pennsy X-29) with the round logo?  Also a second car (Like Speedwitch ex Erie cars) with the steamship logo. This logo has ha straight bow on the ship.  Apparently they changed to a more modern slanted bow in the mid 1950's but I don't know for sure.  Also the cars were painted green at least one in 1957.  Can anyone shed light on these WIF car colors and lettering schemes.

Thanking all in advance for help

Fenton Wells

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