Re: What to do with empty rolling stock boxes

Eric Hansmann

I use several as parts storage. A self stick label goes over the end and a Sharpie is used to mark up the contents; freight car doors, specific kit parts (eg Red caboose X29), Tahoe trucks, K brake systems, hopper loads, spare decal bits, etc.


I also use boxes at the paint booth. They are the base for a model stand made with blue Styrofoam shapes. An image at the bottom of this page illustrates the use.


Another paint shop use is to cut a cradle in the two long sides so a box or freight car can rest upside down to paint. Lots of resin kits call for gluing the floor in place before adding last details. Using the box as a cradle to paint the underframe works well. Just don’t paint too far up the sides towards the area where the car rests on the cradle.


Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX




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Say guys, this is not an earth shaking question but....what do most of you do with your boxes after the freight (or other) car is built?   I realize that they would be nice to have in case you wanted to sell a car, but I have over 225 empty boxes and they are taking up too much room.  What say ye ?


Charles Etheredge

Modeling the TNO in the 40's

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