Re: Bulk Cement Shipments - Models

Clark Propst

There are a number of 2 bay covered hopper models available. Bowser, and Intermountain sell the 1958 cu ft model. Sometimes you can find Kato’s version at swap meets. Atlas and Kadee make the PS2 car. Kadee does both versions (older newer). Stick with a single railroad’s cars or local roads that might serve a concrete plant on your layout.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa
I have been following the BULK CEMENT conversations with great interest. Having grown up in Elizabeth, NJ, about two block from the Eport yard I remember seeing cars with gray streaks on them: now I know what they were. For me, the million dollar question is, what models exist? I'm on a very tight budget, but that will not preclude me from building a "fleet of cars" over time. I am modeling the fall of 1955. I am not modeling a specific prototype, but rather proto-lancing and minimally would like to have prototype cars running on the layout.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Rich Ramik

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