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Yes, they did ship tanks home, at least for evaluation. Examples of a number of captured WWII tanks and other vehicles are on display at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Take a look at page 60 of PRC 20 for views of Japanese and British tanks on American flat cars.

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As I noted in my response, I doubt that this is a (normal) M4.  Looking at the shape, whatever the vehicle is, it has prominent fenders and what looks to be a sharply pointed front “glacis”.  I don’t think that  this would be the case for any normal M3 (Grant/Lee) or M4 (Sherman).  It is possible that it could be the back end of an M3, or that the tanks have some sort of special equipment (and hence the tarps… since most tanks were shipped untarped).




That struck me as odd also. The signs remind me of the "THE BASE COMMANDER HAS AUTHORIZED THE USE OF DEADLY FORCE..." signs still occasionally used. They didn't want anyone looking at these.

I'm not much of an armor expert, but the German Panzer III had those prominent flat angled fenders. The US didn't ship any captured German armor back home for desert war games, did they?

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