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Hello group,
My guess is the vehicles do actually appear to be rear views of M4 Shermans with "welded hulls" and "full fender side skirting". I don't believe they are front view M5/M8, nor are they M18s.  Look closer at the angles of the tarp crease along the sides which matches the lines of the rear view of the welded M4 hull. The two square fender tips match the back ends of the full side skirts (mostly seen on the British versions used in the desert).  If they are front views of M5s or M8s the turrets look like they'd be on the engine compartment, way too far back and the front slope look way too steep and to me the hulls look too long for any version of the Stuart chassis. If they are M18 Hellcats then the barrel of the 3" gun would protrude past the end of the body with the turret turned in either direction, let alone the lower more level silhouette of the M18 hull. 
There is a certain mystery about why the tarps especially over common Sherman tanks but there are tarps over all the visible equipment whatever it might be. Another thing about the tarps is they do not appear to be secured very well, which might be OK for all I know about heavy tarps back then.  Also, if these are new factory fresh M4 Shermans. or any other tank for that matter, they seem to lack the crates of add on parts usually attached to the top of the hulls.
The more we look at this kind of photo the more questions arise, the more guesses and opinions we hear which is very interesting and thought provoking. 

Sam Clarke
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No, these are not M4 chassis.  not backwards, not forwards.  Period.  They are too narrow and the rear of a sherman (or any other M3 or M4 derivative) does not look like that!

If people insist on believing that these are a specific vehicle please provide a link to a photo that supports you opinion. Here is the early M5A1

Additional features supporting the M5 include the machine gun blister, and the horizontal creases may be welded on angles such as those seen in the photo above...


Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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These look like M4 Shermans...we are looking at the rear of the tanks, with the turrets turned rearwards for transit (appearing to be turned to the "7:30" position, at an angle - the tarp is slightly tented where the barrel would be).  If I'm seeing things on the barrel, it could be that these are M4 chassis headed for conversion to a M74 Recovery Vehicle.

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