Tim O'Connor

Thanks Brad -- I never ordered because I doubted anyone could produce
that many sets out of the blue so quickly and no one even knew him? I
remember some guy who sold dry transfers under the name Campbell and I
ordered some sight unseen -- nice heralds, but the data came with
COMMAS (!!) in the capacity like CAPY 100,000 -- and of course font
and size etc were mostly way off. What a hoot! Completely useless junk.

Sad thing is that most buyers just don't know, or they don't know and
don't care. You can count on one hand the number of vendors left who
really care and who sweat every detail.

Tim O'Connor

Not one to complain, here is my experience:

I have purchased about seven sets; most have errors in the following areas: font size, data missing/incorrect, heralds sized incorrectly and he ships slow....

I have emailed him off ebay and on; he blocked me and does not want any suggestions.
In his defense, his decals are well printed.

Good luck,
Brad Andonian

Bill I think this is the guy you meant -- DKMTECH is his Ebay handle

Tim O'Connor

A short time ago there was some discussion about a line fo decals that was being sold on E-Bay. Does anyone
have a website or recal the location ofl the E-bay posting?
Bill Pardie

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