Re: ATSF freight car red

Fred Jansz

TC claims their colors are based on actual RR swatches.The same ones Tim showed in his link. If these are not 'accurate', what must we rely on then? 60 year old color photos? The zillion reds offered by just as many modelmakers? I'm researching steam era WP BCR for instance. WP red offered by TC is way too purple in my humble opinion and might be taken from a later swatch, maybe even 1960's. The WP reds suggested by the many craftsman kit manuals I own all differ from eachother. There are recepies mixing Floquil (used that 40 years ago) in 1/4 and 1/2 amounts and I end up with pink. My point is: as long as you cannot measure from an actual paint swatch that's been out of the sun since 1945, the right color is always a wild guess. However, like the SP yard photo showed us a while back, there's always a base color used by RR's which weathers during the time. It's that specific steam era WP red I'm searching for. Untill that day I won't paint my precious and expensive craftsman kits (and my kitbashed ones) just because of the risk of ending up with a row of 'worthless' cars because the color is not right... Cheers from Holland, Fred 'WP' Jansz.

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