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John Barry


The various Hobbytown shops usually carry the Testors ModelMaster paints. I got quite a few colors to fill out my paint locker from the Folsom Hobbytown. You might also try Fundemoneum in Rohnert Park. In their previous incarnation as a Hobbytown they carried the full line.

John Barry

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shows Model Masters Rust to be the substitute for SantaFe Mineral Red. The Model Masters site shows it as availble.

    But where to find MM paint.  I called The Train Shop in SJ and they have Tru-Color.  So a trip to SJ next week.  It's only a 20 minute drive but then in old age I get lazy.  I only want a small jar of touch-up to sorta match the Walthers ATSF wood cabooses.  All those little pieces of wire one has to add.

    Discussions about paint always turn into I'm up to my a** in alligators when all I wanted to do was drain the swamp.  [very big grin]

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