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Greg Martin

I am not an avid Santa Fe modeler but I do more than just dabble in it. I think I have a very good eye for color. I have used Tru-Color Paints on my most recent Santa Fe freight car and #19 you have pointed out here is a very poor representation of that color. Now saying that is nothing more than conjecture and I should have some basis for my statement and the correction to the TCP color, which as to mix it 50/50 with B&M Maroon.
TCP is not a good option in my most humble opinion to anything but current BNSF Brown. 
I based the decision on color photos, and compared the color to other works, like the color use on Red Caboose/IMWX ARR 1937 10'0" IH boxcar which I always considered a good match, and the work of Richard Hendrickson. I am fortunate enough to have some of his paints from his estate. Although the mix is not a great match it is a good base color and I can weather from there. ATSF Mineral Brown at least to me shows some crimson in the color.  
Don't hold back, open that bottle of ATSF Mineral Brown from Floquil, don't put your thinned mixture back in the bottle, tighten the lid, and store it upside down to preserve it.
Greg Martin  
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Tru-color makes two versions of this--one for pre-1945 cars and one for post-1945.   I have used their paint and it is great--it sprays perfectly right out of the bottle and dries glossy for decaling.

Here is the website:

And, check this out:

And no, I am not affiliated--just a happy user!

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