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Greg Martin

Tony and all,
I tried to stay focused on TCP's color #19 in my post. And now with two pieces of evidence, one of actual chips that Tim posted, which if nothing else show the contrast in the color between the early color (1931 - chip) and the later, sheds more light on the subject (no pun intended). Then as Ed says it does match the earlier color ( an ear which I don't model and was not aware that the color was different in) there is evidence that the color does in fact match that color. I sprayed the color on a salvage car body and it doesn't match the newer or post WW2 era color and I believe that Ed describes it well, redder and brighter to what I describe as more "crimson".
I never took issue with other TCP colors or their authentication of colors, why would I the B&M maroon is a great color. Now the mix of ATSF Mineral red I have I will use but I would prefer to use the FLOQUIL Mineral Brown and Richard's "mix" as it is more favorable to the era I model.
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Greg Martin wrote:

TCP is not a good option in my most humble opinion to anything but current BNSF Brown. 

         We all naturally have our own opinions about paint colors, and I don't argue with that. But this kind of blanket remark about TCP is just silly, as well as wrong. I know of a whole bunch of SP colors which TCP have faithfully matched to SP paint drift panels, and gotten them SPOT ON. Modelers of other roads say the same about many of the TCP paints. Greg may not like one color, his call of course, but please, let's not generalize like this.

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