Re: Intermountain NRC reefer

Tim O'Connor

It depends on the style of lettering. There were MDT-IC reefers in 1956
that used Roman style lettering. I think NYC began using Gothic lettering
12/1955. NRC followed the same lettering practice (changed from Roman to
Gothic) as NYC, MDT, but I don't know the exact date of the change.

So bottom line, if the lettering is Roman, I'd say you're good. If Gothic,
then I'm not certain -- the earliest Gothic NRC-IC reefer I've seen is from
June 1958

Tim O'Connor

Going thru my freight car fleet to weed out those beyond my operating era (October 1956) on my B&O layout. Came across an Intermountain reefer NRC 16621 (Illinois Central on it) with the only dated markings of "CUD 2-60". Is that the build date? Is this scheme (yellow car with green lettering) beyond my era? Thanks.

Fran Giacoma

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