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Jack Burgess

I’ve been using MEK exclusively for decades after Al Armitage recommended it (he was the one who advocated using styrene back in the early 70s and was scribing sheet styrene before Evergreen came on line). When I checked the ingredients of Testors several decades ago, it was a formula which used MEK and some other ingredients which I assumed made it thicker and slower to dry.

I like MEK since it “flashes” off or dries in a few seconds and is completely dry and the parts bonded in maybe 15-20 seconds. I’m an very impatient modeler…

Jack Burgess

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A question I’ve been having all through this thread:

Is MEK so much better than simple Testor’s Plastic Cement (the liquid variety)?

And for Mark: Is the blue Barge Cement working for you as well as the original formula?


I also use MEK and Barge cement to build Proto87 turnout kits so I have used more than I assume is average.


Mark P Stamm

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On Mar 21, 2016, at 6:45 PM, Andy Carlson [STMFC] <> wrote:

Mark Stamm wrote:

Wow MEK from Lowes in eastern PA is $21 a gallon!

Don't think you will need a whole gallon, Mark.

Tony Thompson Editor, Signature Press, Berkeley, CA

He might if he forgets to replace the cap back tightly!

-Andy Carlson

Ojai CA

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