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I had this happen years ago with their #1 - Loco Black and #10 - Black, back when they were Quality Craft. But it seemed limited to only these colors. Never had this happen with any other colors and I have some bottles that are 35 years old. I noticed this on bottles that had been used and also on brand new bottles that had never been opened.
The paint looked ok at first glance but if you look closely it appeared to have tiny particles that looked almost like bubbles that never go away. This made the paint look gritty when sprayed on.

With one of the bottles I tried to filter it with mixed when I saw a jar doing this I usually just tossed it. I hated wasting the money the jar cost but it's not that much when you consider the time and effort to "fix" the paint job. And sometimes that means having to strip it and start over.

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3a. Scale coat I problems.
Posted by: "Anspach Denny" docdenny34
Date: Sun Mar 20, 2016 12:53 pm ((PDT))

I have long used Scalecoat I paints for my brass modeling, tasks that I only do episodically, sometimes a year or so apart, so that the paints sometimes sit years well-sealed between being called to duty. In this regard, I have a number of old metal cap pre-weaver bottles containing paints that certainly seem to be OK. But╜.but╜.I have just experienced my third bottle (among others over the years) where the well-mixed paint (1:1 Scalecoat I thinner, 18 psi) dries to about a 600-1000 grit finish, saved only by careful sanding and application of 0000 steel wool and Glosscoat. What a chore!

Have others had the same experience? Should I a priori pitch all these old bottles, a considerable investment?

There is nothing inheritantly wrong with old paint. I have used this past year to good and even superb effect several different iterations of SUPER Model Railroad Paint from late ╢40s.


Denny S. Anspach, MD
Sacramento, CA 95864
I have had this happen...but only when I'm careless spraying and put it on too dry. New bottle, old bottle...done it with both. Make sure your regulator is still working properly. Otherwise the paint is my old reliable.

Craig Zeni
Cary NC

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