Re: Creation of removable false-bottomed coal/gravel loads.

Michael Watnoski

Hi Denny,

I always make my own loads. I typically use styrofoam meat trays or carryout boxes, painted black or load color.

I cut the foam to wedge in the space tightly, about 1/8 " below the edge of the car, and use plastic teaspoon to dump the material in a realistic pile. I spray with a fine mist of rubbing alcohol then saturate with matte medium. Let it dry over night.

These can be removed by soaking overnight in ammonia.



On 3/23/2016 10:37 PM, Anspach Denny [STMFC] wrote:
How have listers commonly gone about creating their own coal/gravel/crushed rock, etc. loads without filling the entire car with a fortune of model commodity materials, or creating a weight sink hard to actually be pulled down the rails? Removable is far to be preferred.

Personally, I have used shaped balsa blocks,wadded paper, styrofoam, and fabricated boxes of styrene, etc., all of which have their challenges. Although my question is aimed at a myriad of open cars, my particular challenge at the moment is a brass tender with deep coal space and rolled upper sides. This tender was designed to be used with, and will only be used to lead not only just one Steam Era freight car, but in fact, in serial fashion probably thousands.


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