Re: Barge Cement

Jim Betz


I stopped using Goo two or more decades ago. My reason? Because it
out gasses for as long as a couple of months - and the gas softens
plastic. Using it in any situation where it is enclosed (such as to hold
down weight inside a box car) is almost certain to end up in a "melted"
car body.
If Barge cement is another formulation of essentially the same
stuff - be very careful about how you use it!

I learned this by using barge cement to hold some added weight in
a covered hopper. The hopper was fine for a month or so - and then
began to sag. Eventually it looked like faces of the SS in the ending
scene in Raiders.
Seems to be just fine in any situation where it isn't enclosed -
but I've "moved on" to using safer/better products.
- Jim B.

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