Re: Barge Cement


The information given here is more valuable than what I've picked up in the last

few years from RMC. Thanks Doc.

Ordering a single part from an old line hobby supplier can be very pricy due to shipping costs. I bit the bullet and ordered some silver streak parts from Huff & Puff. They are good guys; they refunded half the money I sent for shipping.

Plastruct must have the worst web site of all model suppliers. You have to scroll through many pages to get a product number. Finally I found you can unload their catalog and it's pretty easy to go from there.

I was burned by one of the famous old hobby shops with a supposedly modern online ordering system. The big ticket item I ordered which was supposedly in stock wasn't included and I received a few small items, paying full shipping charges. They should have e-mailed me; I would have canceled the order. I'll never order from them again.

Ed Mines


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