Re: Resin Car Works update

Tim O'Connor

I plead guilty -- I took advantage of Aaron Gjermundson's recent trip to
Boston to invite Aaron to visit the North Shore model railroad club which
was very enjoyable for me and I think Aaron also managed to squeeze in a
trip to the Maine coast and even got to see a Celtics basketball game. Aaron
shared some great photos of his resin casting molds for Frank and Pierre. I
don't know how he does it -- three kids, making masters, making castings for
others, building a layout, plus a full time career. Ah to be young agin'

Tim O'Connor

Members of the Resin Car Works family have travel and vacations lined up over the next couple of months so we will be slow to respond to orders. The latest hoppers have sold well and supplies are low until more castings arrive. We thank you for the support and want to keep the modeling community informed of this slow period. Please bear with us through these weeks. We will be back up to speed soon with one or two new things ready to reveal.

Eric Hansmann
RCW web guy

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