IM PFE R-40-10 lettering

Fred Jansz

Hi all, while building a PFE fleet for my HO scale empire I vaguely remember a post or comment about the lettering of the Intermountain R-40-10 cars.
I have scored a few online and there's indeed a slight difference. There are two versions:
- a 'premium line' R-40-10 kit has a rather thick font used for the Pacific Fruit Epress and P.F.E.. The R-40-10 is on the 3rd panel from the right and the barely readable BLT 8-36 is on the 4th panel from the right. The overall lettering is rather mediocre.
- the other one I have is an IMĀ  RTR model straight from the box. It has razor sharp lettering however the R-40-10 is on the 4th panel from the right (under SP logo) and the BLT 8-36 is on the 5th panel next to the door.
I checked the great PFE bible and other books, but can't find a picture that illustrates either lettering. Which lettering would be correct for 1950? Thanks for your help.
Easter greetings from Holland, Fred Jansz

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