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Ray Breyer

The January 1945 ORER lists 2,249 of these cars still in service: 1,269 of the as-built XMs, 485 rebuilt former XAs, and 495 of the VMs. This totals 18% of the C&O's boxcar fleet, so they'd have been seen with some regularity during the WWII years.
These cars were all gone by the K brake ban 'drop dead date', with the VMs being the last to go. But these cars would have been seen on C&O rails well into the 1980s in MOW service.

Ray Breyer
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I'm away from my resources, but I recall the NMRA 1943 ORER reprint listed a decent proportion of 36-foot box cars for the C&O. They had installed about 5000 of the 1937 AAR steel-sheathed box car design between late 1936 and early 1942, so the shorter wood sheathed cars were on their way out. But the war time demands kept many in service.
IIRC, the 1943 L&N fleet also had a significant number of the shorter wood-sheathed cars in service. The L&N and C&O had a number of ventilated cars listed, too. 
Eric Hansmann
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Gary, is there a reason it should not be in "good shape?" Date is 1943 BTW

Bill Welch

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