Re: C&O 36 foot double sheathed boxcar

Ray Breyer

>This is a car that should be in the sweet spot for Accurail kit.
>Bill Welch

Well...........sort of. In a fleet context the new Accurail 1400-series short boxcar kits will work as an 'acceptable stand-in' for the C&O's 84730-86499 series cars, with the main sticking point being the prototype's odd notched corners. After their late 1930s rebuilds the model's usefulness basically disappears, since the upgraded cars got Youngstown steel doors and radial roofs (MOST of the cars got radial roofs, anyway).

Still, to date nobody's stepped up to the plate and made one of these important C&O boxcars in resin, so the Accurail cars will work well as a placeholder model until something better comes along. The base 1400-series kit can also be used to kitbash the auto and ventilated cars, which is good news for anyone modeling the 1924-1954 period and who needs a few C&O boxcars.

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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