Re: C&O 36 foot double sheathed boxcar

Ray Breyer

I know of one 3D model ready for printing, of the V-4 ventilated versions of these cars. No test prints have been made yet, but I'm confident enough of the patternmaker's skill that the car as-is would print acceptably for a 'fleet car'. Whether or not the print could be cleaned up enough to be cast as a resin kit, or be marketable in any form, hasn't been defined at all.

And in general, making masters for resin kits really isn't all that simple. Kit building, kit bashing, and scratch building are all different than making a high-quality master for a commercial kit, and there are fairly few modelers able to make the leap to that level.

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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Well....maybe it is time for those that are interested to step up to the plate and build the patterns necessary to do these cars and offer them to one of the sellers of resin kits. Or make the patterns for parts to modify the Accurail kit.

Radial roof: take the Central Valley roof, remove the detail—shorten widen/narrow as necessary. Then using Evergreen styrene detail the roof as necessary and when happy give it to one of the Resin sellers and ask them to offer it.

Pattern making is not Rocket Surgery.

Bill Welch

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