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Well done! And though I don't model your time period, it is a great framework for my own use of ORERs in 1934. 

I'm wondering if your Excel index would be close enough for me to save keying a lot on headings, even if I have to change page numbers?

 I model the Southern's Winston-Salem division. The conductor's log shows the home/foreign road ratio varied tremendously by line and train. Overall home road was about 50%, but on fairly low traffic branch lines with foci on a few big industries it neared 65%. On the line connecting two cities where Southern dominated one and the N&W dominated the other, the home / foreign road mix was closer to 35% in shorter trains. Many of the trains though were transfers between the Southern (receiving home and foreign empties for points north and east) and the N&W (receiving home road empties for local redistribution) on a different line. On this line 45-55 cars pulled by a Mikado was not unusual since the grade was mostly flat and the cars were mostly empty.  I have yet to combine the conductor reports with ORER to fit my layout needs, but I'm getting closer.  I like how you used the ORER. 

We need to get the next generation of digitized ORERs with such indices out there, but it has to be a "labor of love" since the market is barely there for photocopied images.


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I've just completed tabulating the freight car fleet as documented in the Jan 45 Official Railway Equipment Register and composed a short blog post about it here:


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