Re: Glue for P2K E unit pilot

Andy Miller


Which Plastruct did you use? The White Label PS is only good for Styrene,
but the Orange label PS should work on styrene or ABS. (The pink label is
not good for much).

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Andy Miller

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Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2016 9:50 PM
Subject: [STMFC] Glue for P2K E unit pilot

I realise this is a bit off topic for the STMFC but given all the input
recently on glues, I'm hoping for some help.

I broke the pilot on my P2K E7 and have no idea what will glue it back

I assumed it was moulded in ABS, but I tried Plastruct and Acetone with no

I don't want to use ACC as it can leave a white frosting, plus I'd prefer
something that welds the plastic together.

Does anyone have any ideas, please?


Dave North

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