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Rich C

Thanks Tim, I forgot to mention that Richard Hendrickson did a kitbash article in RMC 02/85, which inspired me. The article so far has been the best source to date. The problem is in the photo quality. I may just have to translate it the best I could and use an Intermountain 10'6" with 5/5 ends as the starting point. The road numbers are no problem as tables and resources all over the place have documented these cars. I still need to get the Morning Sun Color Guide Vol. 1.

On another note, I wish Ted would make the B-50-17. He did have an excellent modeling article in one of his EFC series in RMC. I remember talking to Steve Funaro at Trainfest back in 2014 and he mentioned that it was on his drawing board. Of course he is a busy man too.

Rich Christie

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I've looked and come up with only ancient email thread started by
Earl Tuson over the S Helper Service box car models. This is all of
the information I could find on any of the classes you mentioned.
I'd contact these gentlemen or perhaps Dick Harley for more information.
An email snippet here

  ==== Freightcar List Email 26 Feb 1999 ==== <<

    [ Ted Culotta ]
    If Earl is referring to the B-50-17 class rebuilds (I'm not aware of any
    other rebuilds that fit the criteria laid out here, but I don't know
    everything), they had a 1/5/5/5 end upon rebuilding... also, the 'A' end had
    a lumber door.  The top rib (the '1' in the 1/5/5/5) was not as long as the
    other fifteen... it was this way to compensate for the inset at the top of
    the end.  FYI... the underframe was a single fishbelly Bettendorf
    underframe, as opposed to the more frequently seen double fishbelly. >>


  The Union Pacific B-50-17 cars were (1934) rebuilds of (1922) built A-50-7 and B-50-13 cars.
  These cars were built with "built up" underframes, not Bettendorf's.  Earlier cousins; the
  A-50-2 & -5 and the B-50-6 & -11 cars were built with Bettendorf underframes.  The A-50-5
  and B-50-11 cars were also utilized in rebuilding programs. The rebuilds were classes
  B-50-36 & B-50-37.  These rebuilds utilized 5-5 dreadnaught ends (however).

  Guy Wilber

  ==== Freightcar List Email 26 Feb 1999 ==== <<

 Looking for information (photos, resources etc.) on what seems to be UP's
 forgotten classes of freight cars. Have not found hardly anything on:

 F-50-12, F-50-13 Flat Cars
 B-50-36, B-50-37 rebuilt Box Cars
 S-40-11 Stock Cars

 I am especially interested in the Box Cars. There is no real info even in
 Metcalfe's Union Pacific Freight Cars 1936-1951, which surprised me.
 Thanks, in advance,
 Rich Christie

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