Re: Interesting Photo of a Box Car and Load

Ray Breyer

>I always figured this was railroad specific... obviously the D&RGW did it, and I would suspect did it to their standard gauge cars when 
>they still had truss rods, but photos seem to indicate the majority of lines didn't.
>Dennis Storzek

Hi Dennis, 

I think that the practice was far more common than any of us realize. I just breezed through a couple of thousand ACF builder's photos (boxcars and gons), and it seems as though any trussrodded car they built had boards through the turnbuckles. I then popped into a small group of 100 or so yard photos from the DL&W archives, and boards through turnbuckles seem to be installed in about a third of the cars. Same with 25 pre-WWI images from the LoC/Detroit Publishing Company images. It's only a very small sampling, but it appears that we standard gauge modelers need to start paying more attention to what our narrow-gauge brethren are up to!

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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