Re: Interesting Photo of a Box Car and Load

Michael Aufderheide

Good eyes, Bill, I missed that completely.  The car, though, is from an earlier series 17000-18139 built in the 1910s with wood ends, not the 1923 built 8000 series SU clones with steel t-section ends.  None of the photos I have are hi-res enough to read the build dates, but car 18066 shows up in a photo wheel-deep in water at Gosport IN during the 1913 flood.  Both of these series were scrapped before the war, the 8000s in 1939-40, I don't think any were even saved for MOW.  The railroad must not have cared for them, they didn't last 20 years!  Quite a contrast with the Southern, for which they seem to have worked well.


Mike Aufderheide

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