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I had to hunt this down in my bookmarks….

There is a scaling program available from another seller of the early versions of this book.

The program allows you to print to scale from the huge number of detailed drawings in these books. It’s available separately as well as included with the digitized books he sells. It looks to be very useful.

“ ScalePrint Utility

ScalePrint is a simple utility for printing picture files to a specified scale or size. It is included free with all RailDriver® Cyclopedias to print the useful and detailed high-resolution pictures contained on the CDs. It was originally designed for model railroading, but can print any normal picture file to a certain size on one or more pages.”

If I read it correctly, it will enlarge over several pages of your printing-out.


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On Mar 31, 2016, at 7:54 AM, gtws wrote:

I wanted to share with the group that there is a Digital Copy of the 1946 Car Builders Cyclopedia and others available on ebay or direct from Vintage Literature. The price of the 2 Disk Set was 6.97 plus 2.85 shipping. The quality of the scans are good. Over 1200 pages of drawings and pictures. They also have the 1909 and 1916 Railroad Car Dictionary as well for the same price. I found much needed info on construction and brakes I was looking for.

link to ebay

Hope this is new info for the group and not a repeat.

George Toman

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