Re: Glue for P2K E unit pilot

Todd Sullivan

Hi Dave,

Apologies - I didn't realize you were down under.  As another thought, I've had better than average results with Plastruct orange label cement - the one for styrene and ABS.  From the smell, it seems to have plexiglass in solution, and that helps secure parts together better than other brands.  The old Ambroid Plasticweld also did a better job, but I can't find that anymore.


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Hi Dave,
Mike Rose sells a kind of epoxy ("Cypoxy") that is not cheap but apparently creates a strong molecular bond between most materials, and seems particularly good on most plastics, even engineering plastics. You can find it on Mike's web site for Mike Rose Hobbies at .
Todd Sullivan
HI Todd,
Thanks for your suggestion.
I was hoping to find a glue that would ‘weld’ th joint.
I may have to look at an epoxy.
I tried the product Mike sells a few years ago with poor results.
Cost a fortune to get here (Australia) and it went off very quickly.
I think the current product may be different, but I’m a bit gun shy.

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