Re: Glue for P2K E unit pilot

Tim O'Connor

There are a number of ways to prepare the surface -- it depends on what
is being bonded, and the condition of the surface. All CA's are affected
by moisture in the air, or on the surfaces, or by oxides or 'films' on
the surface. Good preparation of surfaces will make for stronger bonds.
Online advice says that thin layers of CA work best.

The Wikipedia page mentions that Loctite "gel" CA contains rubber compounds
which I didn't know. I guess this creates a more flexible bond? I wonder if
this would work ok for etched running boards...

Tim O'

When living in Virginia�2009 and before�I��I tried Cyanopoxy as it was called then twice and never had any success with it. It was supposedly fresh which I understand is important. It was packaged in a quantity I could not imagine using up before it might go bad and was pricey. I cannot remember why I went for it a second time, maybe because I thought I might have done something wrong.

Loctite has a similar two-part product, a "felt tip applicator" to prepare the surface and the cement in a conventional tube. Much more affordable and it worked for me. I found it at Lowe's/Home Depot.

Bill Welch

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