Re: Gilbert-Nelson data from the Jan 45 ORER

Dave Nelson

I have the April 1950 ORER transcribed and loaded into a relational database (which I used extensively when I was doing research on trying to prove my theory on car distribution).  FWIW I also have a fair bit of data from the ICC’s !% waybill analysis, which, along with a 1950 census, led to discovering how much the people in Illinois liked bananas, that people in North Dakota LOVED hard liquor and that people in Wyoming eschewed all that fresh produce that traveled thru the state in favor of a lot of dried beans.


I had always wished it could go online as a queryable database so it could be used as I use it – a backend to Excel combined with Excel’s Cube – creating a rudimentary OLAP tool.  While I do have a web site, with databases, I do not have the technical skills to do more than I have already done.


Dave Nelson


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We need to get the next generation of digitized ORERs with such indices out there, but it has to be a "labor of love" since the market is barely there for photocopied images.



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