Re: Looking to ID a car

Benjamin Hom

Pierre Oliver asked:
"I just put an image up on my blog, of a train crossing the Kettle Creek
in St Thomas, ON. I'd like to identify the first stock car in the consist." 

Charlie Morrill replied:
"Looks like an NP 82000 - 83000 stock car to me."

Do not concur.  The NP car has the wrong number of diagonal truss members (3 on each side of the door vice 4 of the NP cars in question), is a single deck car vice this double deck car, and a radial roof, which this car lacks.
My first thought was this car is a Mather, but I've never seen one with letterboards like this car.  (The cars leased by the NP lacked letterboards, including the one carrying reporting marks and capacity data on NP's own stock cars pointed out by Pierre in one of his follow-up posts.)

Ben Hom

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